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Google Plus Page for Your Business – Do You Need It?

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That depends on if you want to get in on around 65% of the search engine traffic on average on the internet today. Google+ is a great vehicle for individuals and business owners alike to get social using a number of unique tools that Google offers and Facebook does not currently. Or not as well anyway depends on your point of view.

For this article we'll take a look at a few best practices for Google+ and some of the information out there.

You will need to sign up for a Google+ account for your profile – much like Facebook. If you have a Gmail or other Google product that you sign into we recommend you just add Google+ to your product page and create a profile with your photo and few details of what you do.

You want to create your Google+ Business page. This is where it can be a bit tricky because if your business already has a Google Places Maps listing that you manage you may ask why get a Google+ Business page? Because Google Places is no longer. So – while logged in to your Google+ account find the Page icon and click on it, then click add a page. This will allow you to create a new listing or find an already listed (in Places) listing. By searching by the phone number of your current Google Places Maps listing you should find yourself and be able to request a new verification pin to associate that Places listing to your new Page. Yes – it requires a new verification unfortunately so it takes some time.

You can See These Links for Full Details:

See the Google+ For Business page to get the ball rolling for an all new Business Page.

See the Verifying Your Page help article on Google for some step by step instructions if you already have a Google Places Maps listing.

Then add a Google+ Button to your website or blog.

Google now offers Authorship (full article coming soon). If you have seen those search results that have a person's photo next to them and wondered "how did they do that", it's called Authorship. This is idea for bloggers for example. They simply add a small snippet of code to their blog from their Google+ profile and overtime Google associates their articles with their profile and pulls the photo and other snippets of information into the search results page accordingly.

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