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How to Do Pay Per Click Ads - Start With the Basics

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Using pay per click (PPC) advertising to increase website visibility is a method used by many business small and large. Any PPC ad campaign should follow some basic guidelines as best practices.

Start by creating only three to five strong baseline ads to test the waters.

Your starting list of baseline ads can target different products or services but by limiting your number of ads in the beginning it will keep your campaign focused and manageable. Since each ad has a character limit for the linked title and ad body text you should be sure that the text used for each ad is specific and relevant. If you are doing an offer in the ad try and fit it in the title "3 Day Free Trial" for example and then use keywords in the ad's body text to describe what the free trial is for. If you're promoting a product the product's name should be in the title followed by the descriptive ad copy. Don't forget the text of the website address can also be keyword relevant and different from the actual address used. So you could use in the case of the example above.

Don't go overboard on your selection of keywords for each ad and try to avoid overlap between each ad you build.

Each ad you build should not only target a specific product or service but you should also try and stick to a very specific list of keyword terms. Use the available keyword suggestion tools for guidance but be sure to have a pre-determined list of your own as well. In a service based ad for example keep the terms specific to the type of customer the service is for. Don't use keyword terms that are vague or may cause clicks from visitors that don't really fit your target market. You can be a little broad in the beginning but overtime you should remove or pause terms that aren't really specific to your customer. Remember also that the keyword terms you select automatically cover mixed variations in a broad format as well as miss-spellings so you don't need to bother with actually listing all known variations of your terms.

Target each ad to a specific landing page on your website or create a special landing page for highest conversion rates.

This is a real key item if you are doing a pay per click campaign that many people overlook. The most common fail here is linking all your ads to your homepage by default. If your ad is promoting a specific product then you need to link your ad to that specific product page. If you are promoting a service you provide then maybe creating a special landing page for your visitor to land on is the way to go. By creating a very specific landing page around your product or offer you can increase your conversion rate of visitors into customers. Since you are spending money on each and every click you need to give special attention to what the visitor sees and does once they click through to your website. Does it really sell your product or service and is it easy to complete a transaction or desired action?

Balance what you pay per click with what the value of your product or service is and don't pay too much per click.

Targeting keyword terms that cost less is obviously the way to go but now days many highly sought after terms can easily cost $5 - $10 per click. If this price point doesn't fit into your ROI plan then you can't target those terms and may need to get more specific on the keyword terms you're using. Watching what your keyword term's ranking is and what the average click through rate is can also help you make adjustments in how much your minimum bid is for each keyword or the ad on a whole.

» Running a PPC program for any business is an added expense that needs to be monitored, measured and validated. A paid ad campaign should also target only the keyword terms you can't achieve on your website by using natural search engine optimization (SEO) to attract the desired visitor or customer. Also make sure to fully utilize the ad serving program settings - set the ad regions, times the ad is served, and other ad enhancing settings as best fits your campaign.

So if there are some sets of keyword terms you just have to end up paying for be sure to follow some of these basic guidelines to help set your campaign on the right track and always measure the ROI on your ad spend.

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