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What Are the Facts on Search Engines – Search Myths Unraveled

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Let's look at some search engine facts and unravel a few myths.

Most Webmasters out there have at one time or another wondered how they can get their website noticed by the masses. While researching the answer many have found an endless list of search engine myths resulting in confusion and mayhem, marring even the noblest of their efforts. With the following article we want to try and unravel some of those search engine myths and help re-direct some of your efforts in the right direction.

— Using a software program or online service to submit your site to 20,000 search engines will get your website noticed the quickest; guaranteed.

We all know that there are not really 20,000 search engines out there. In fact, there are only a hand full of main search engines that produce 90% of the query results on the Internet today. What these programs or services use are a combination of search engines, directories, classifieds and free for all link pages so in fact you're not getting listed on 20,000 "search engines" at all. The last of these two items, classifieds and free for all link pages, usually drop older links for the new incoming links so your website may not even last a day on such pages. In all, the traffic you will get from this type of service will most likely be un-measurable and using them will generate an unending stream of spam email to whatever email address you used for the program or service.

The fact is you don't really need a software program or online submission service because if your site is built properly and linked to by other websites it will get indexed by the search engine bots. Today if you have of properly built Meta tags and a sitemap that is properly submitted to Google for example their search bots do the work for you automatically – you just have to provide awesome content.

— Meta tags are the single most important factor in getting your website a high search engine ranking for a specified search term.

Many search engines today do not exclusively use just your Meta tags. Not to say they are not hugely important but today they should be used to show relevancy and be consistent with the individual web page content. In the past the overwhelming abuse of the Meta tag resulted in the tags losing their effectiveness as a tool for the search engines to properly index web pages. Many website owners used to load the Meta tag with irrelevant words that had no relation to the page content. They did this just to list some of the most popular search terms in the Meta tag thus making their site popular for that term even if there was zero content for that term in the page. Today's search algorithms pay little attention to the Meta tag now just for that reason. Google for example doesn't even use the keyword Meta tag at all.

This does not mean that Meta tags are not important to the top search engines and many of the smaller ones especially if they are done properly in relation to your page content. If you search Google for your favorite shopping item you will find that it lists the title of the web pages and a description relevant to your search term with your terms bolded. Thus if your Title Tag and Description Tag or content containing the key words searched for are well done and all correspond to the relevance of the search your website will rank well in that list of results.

Fact is the Meta tag is not the single most important factor in search engine ranking but if done correctly with consistent and relevant text content your web pages stand a much better chance of rank high for your desired search terms. Test and track your website's search results for your desired terms to see if your page titles and descriptions look presentable and informative in relation to your search term. Presenting a well formed Title Tag and Description Tag that gets the searcher to click on your page is the main goal after all. Using the Keyword tag as well with the proper density of your top keywords from your content will help to reinforce your content to those engines that do utilize this tag.

— SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not as effective for promoting your website as traditional methods of promotion would be.

A properly search engine optimized website is actually more effective. For a long-term marketing plan it is more cost effective to rank well in organic search results. It's like having a 24/7 marketing person on staff – better search results means more sales in most cases for small and large business. If your website is not being found for the search terms that relates to your product or service then your website is not leveraging the power of organic search traffic that will equate to increased sales.

Many companies spend countless dollars on TV, radio, print or direct mail to the masses trying to catch those few prospects that might be looking for their services in a one-time effort. This is the "get customers by flooding a specific medium with your message" way of promoting your website or product. With a website that is made specifically for your customer and what they want; they will find you and your product. Proper SEO on your website can capture the prospects you're looking for and deliver them right to your door when they are looking for you.

Fact is that besides the importance of great website design you should recognize the importance of proper SEO as the second most important element. Proper SEO can also drive some of the important design elements of your website.

— Search engines can be easily manipulated to increase your website's ranking with any of the following methods.

1) Hidden Keyword Text
This means placing hidden text into the same background color as the web page so that the human eye may not see it but the search engine spider will. Some webmasters will insert very small strings of visible keyword text in the top or bottom of a webpage to over saturate the keyword density of a web page. You may still see this done today but it will not help your pages in the long run and can be viewed as spamming the search engines.

2) Doorway Pages
A very general term that can refer to deceptive redirects on submitted pages. They also could be duplicate websites on different domains that link to a main website or keyword specific pages made specifically for a certain search term linking to the real website. All are good ways to get your website penalized by the search engines and are not recommended.

3) Keyword Saturation
Keywords are very important to search engines on the whole but to overly use a keyword or term in hope that it will bring your organic ranking up is not recommended. Overuse of keywords on a web page can create the opposite effect by being viewed as spamming and thus being dropped from the index altogether. Always use a good mix of your keywords on your web pages that make it legible for your visitor and you will be on the right track.

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