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How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines - Best Practices

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For search engines today there is no real need to "submit" a new website in the traditional method anymore. Search engines now use very efficient software programs called spiders to index new websites and updates to current websites. But for a new website there are a number of things you should do to make it easy for the search spiders to find and index your website.

I have my new website all built, tested and ready to launch to the world but how will it get found?

Let's look at a few technical items that will help you get found faster.
  1. Is the website really complete? If you have some pages that say "under construction" then the answer is no. Many websites launch with a few coming soon pages or pages that are far from completed - containing short statements about the information will be coming soon. These type of pages should not be launched at all. Either hold out launching the whole site or just don't post the non-completed sections. Launching empty pages will not help your cause.

  2. Is your website well linked internally? Your main navigation should be done in text and contain all or most all the pages on your website. You should also have a strong footer of text links. This should at the very least contain the main sections or categories of your website.

  3. Do you have proper Meta tags on all your pages? You should make sure all your web pages have unique Meta tags built properly into your code. Having unique and descriptive titles to each page at the very least should be a high priority before you launch any new website. The title tag and description tag are actually used in a search engine's result page for your visitor to see, so having them properly formated will help attract visitors.

  4. For professional websites you should have a privacy policy page and a website sitemap. These two pages are for both your visitor and the search engines. These are most commonly only linked to in the footer text links. If you don't have your own privacy policy you can do a search for one and find a number of base line boilerplate privacy policies that you can make your own. Your sitemap is simply a web page that lists out in text all the pages on your website so your visitors and search engines can get a view of all the pages on your website at once.

  5. It is also best practice to have an XML website sitemap loaded in the root directory of your web server. Many website builders and content management systems build an XML sitemap for you. If not your web developer should be able to make one for your website and update it. If you use common search engine tools (like Google Webmaster Tools) you can also submit this sitemap directly to the search engines for quick indexing.

  6. Finally you should get your website linked to from a few other websites if possible. Forming solid backlinks to your new website is a great way to assure that search engine spiders will find your new site quickly. You can get your website linked to using a few of these link exchange ideas.

»You can still use some online tools to submit your new website if you like but if you follow the above guidelines your new website should be found quickly.

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