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Keyword Management - Pay Per Click

Search Engine Keyword Account Management This is a specialized service using a combination of research and copy writing. We can manage an existing Google AdWords pay per click (PPC) account or get you a new account started with Google or any of the major search engines. We will manage your account with a set monthly spend budget and a set list of 25 desired keywords and terms for a set time - all to target more relevant traffic to your website.

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» Developing a solid pay per click (PPC) program that fits your company's goals is very important. Targeting the keywords that convert into sales or sales leads should be the goal of such a program not just to drive more traffic to your website. Also managing what keywords you pay for and what keywords you can obtain through natural search results is something else we research for you so that you are not spending money for unnecessary ads.

PPC Account Management Services (Google):
Pricing for this package requires a custom estimate with hourly billing.

  • Using client's Google account we will set up / update 3 Google Ads.
  • These will be based on the client's list of approximately 25 keywords plus our detailed research.
  • These ads will also be targeted for keywords that the website does not currently rank high for naturally or high value terms as requested by client.
  • Ads will be set to specific landing pages that relate directly to the ad on client's website.
  • Client will need to provide an active account, a desired starting monthly budget and a targeted region for the ads to run.
  • We will monitor the 3 ads weekly for one month to make needed adjustments for lower per click spend and higher click through rates.
  • We will provide some base line reporting for the month in regards to click through rate or CTR.
  • Client will be responsible for overall budget management.

Why Should You Have Us Set up Your Google AdWords Account:

– We will be able to take your list of desired keyword terms and research them to find the most searched for terms from your list and term variances that should be included for the creation of your ads.

– Once the list is tuned up with high searched for terms we can word smith your ad titles and descriptions to achieve higher click through rates than your competition's ads.

– We also will be able to best group your terms together with relevant ad copy so that they will be meaningful to the person searching for product or service.

– Once your 3-4 ads are developed with the selected keyword terms we will then be able to review your chosen landing pages for each ad to be sure they rank well for relevancy in relationship to your ad.

– Over your one month program we will also be able cut out any terms that are not producing desired results, wasting pay per click funds or add different terms if needed.

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